Pepper is a very serious subject for Companhia das Ervas, which endeavors in cultivating a large variety of them, in all diversity forms, colors, and piquancy, to comply with and satiate the piquant cravings for the one which can be considered the queen of spices.

Ardência no Regaço Jalapeños Pepper Paste Comari Pepper
from Pará
Aromatic Pepper
Mix of several kinds of Brazilian peppers preserved in slightly seasoned sauce.
Net Wt. 8,6oz
Jalapeños Pepper Paste prepared with spices.
Net Wt. 6,3oz and 1,2oz
Comari Pepper from Para in vinegar sauce.
Net Wt. 7,8oz and 1,2oz
Aromatic Pepper in vinegar and salt sauce
Net Wt. 8,1oz and 1,2oz
"Cugritá" Pepper Jalapeño Pepper
Green and Red Malagueta Pepper Red Pepper
Red Pepper in bits, Scent, Malgueta and Scotch Bonnet Peppers in vinegar sauce.
Net Wt. 7,6oz
Jalapeños Pepper in vinegar sauce.
Net Wt. 7,8oz
Green and red Malageta
Pepper in vinegar sauce.
Net Wt. 7,9oz and 1,2oz
Lassie’s Finger Red Pepper type in vinegar sauce.
Net Wt. 6,7oz
    Box with 4 Peppers
    Kit in wood containing Scent Pepper, Comari Pepper from Pará, Malagueta Pepper and Red Pepper Paste.
Net Wt. 1,2oz each
Blend of Peppers
Mix of Red, Scent, Malagueta, Comari from Pará and Comari Peppers in vinegar and spices sauce.
Net Wt. 72,3oz

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